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Special Meeting RC Bali Denpasar

This Thursday, 4th of March 2010, we have lots of familiar new faces in our special meeting. Today is our Special Meeting, where we extend our warm welcome to other Rotarians, to join our meeting featuring "the Fall of USD" talk by our very special guest Bapak Alex P. Chandra.

Friends and guests already starting to arrive around 12.00. Secretary Suzana arrived few minutes after 12.00 and so surprised that so many members and other rotarians already starting to fill up the hall way. This is a good sign!

Our event today started with the lunch "Lontong Cap Go Meh". This was an idea from IPP Sisca, considering she did not have time to enjoy the "Lontong Cap Go Meh" a week earlier. The menu chosen considered very successful, few comment even said "this is the best Lontong Cap Go Meh in town". Well done IPP Sisca.

By 12.30 audiences were lead to enter the meeting room. Few people were still arriving until 12.40.

PE Wien opened the meeting (President Sukadana was absent he was still in Jakarta) with welcoming gestures and acknowledging everybody who turned up. Opps..turn up to be sort of our 'famous' Role Call :)

Those who presents are:

AG Nila, AG Suastika, RC Bali Taman (3 Rotarians), RC Kuta , RC Sanur (4 Rotarians), RC Kartika, Rotarian Barbara (RC Bali seminyak), IPP Irawan (RC Surabaya), RC Legian, RC Denpasar (12 members turn up), friends and guest. Around 30 people were enjoying the presentation today.

(hope from the Secretary ; if only every meeting we have this many people...wouldn't be nice?)...

For the next hour and a bit, we were captivated with the very animated and well presentation by our presenter. Some comment said they got more out of this hour than months of reading it in the news. Well, that's the good thing right? :)

In sum up, we considered the event as very successful. Lots of attendees were still lingered after the presentation, continuing the discussion and their fellowship.

Thank you very much Pak Alex and thank you for all people who has been making this afternoon a success.

Till next time :) (Suzana)



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