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Club Assembly RCBD

With much  anticipation due to the high traffic of conversation on the mailing list and black berry messenger, the afternoon started with a very nice pray lead by PP Suryawan.

In the menu was  Nasi Kuning and lots of their friends courtesy of IPP Sisca as a celebration for her "sweet" birthday.  What a coincidence was the Club's Assembly meeting for this afternoon.

While we were enjoying the lunch, the video of Rotary Club of Bali Denpasar was playing featuring all of our founders, ex members and current members,  all their pioneering and current projects. It is amazing  to see so many project over those period of time, are still relevant. This is what we call project sustainability.

At 1pm, PP Suryawan started the meeting (he had to cover for Pres  Sukadana due to his plane's delay) with reviewing the questions and answer posting on the millis few weeks ago about where is the position of our club, what is the strength and weakness of our club.

Below are the summary of our discussion on that mailing list:

1. all agree that our club is in the "upward curve" where we have new dynamics in the club, variety of classification at its best, composition gender of member are great, lots of ongoing projects, a lot more active members and the attendance is getting better.

2. The strength of our club as mentioned above are the fact that we have members with different classification, active and younger (when I say younger it can be both younger age and younger personality), more outgoing and open to something new for the better serving the community. These dynamics create the possibility of each member coming out of their comfort zone, reaching for higher goals, helping and supporting each other. Plainly speaking, more variety projects.

3. At the same time, most of members are at the very productive age, where setting aside  times for Rotary projects seems to be the forever challenging task. Having said that, with a great time management, strategic plan for project creation by engaging other organization and communities. We believe, we can turn this challenge into a benefit. Meaning more RCC and  more effective projects that have bigger impact and sustainability.

The discussion went on, giving chance for everybody to speak up and share their insides. One thing I can summarize, that eventhough all material about Rotary Clubs available almost everywhere. well mostly in the, most common challenge for our members are that they feel that they do not much about our Rotary. Borrowing their term " masih di awang-awang:.

The point is, message for BOD (Board of Director), we need to share more information about Rotary. My suggestion is to put aside 15 minutes of our meeting, to discuss about Rotary knowledge. Hopefully, this will speed up the learning process. I am also posting information on the website. Please check out our website regulary.

For the Club's target for the period on 2010 -2011 : additional member net 7 (to reach active member of 30), continuing existing project and more, contribution to RI minimum of $6,000.

Today's attendance is 60%. Those were Pres Sukadana, PE Wien, IPP Sisca, PP Suryawan, PP Susanto, Rtn Anita, Rtn Dharma, Rtn Leo, Sec Suzana, Rtn Michael, Ibu Nana, Rtn Cika, Rtn Enni, Rtn Eka dan RAC Agung.

Sunshine's box is Rp 695 ribu (we sold 3 autographed book by Hermawan Kertajaya total of Rp.450ribu)

Next meeting will be on Thursday,  April 29th,  2010 at 6 pm. We will be celebrating PP Andrianto's birthday. Place will be confirmed.

Meeting adjourned by 14.30

Great meeting everyone...three thumbs up

Check out our photos:

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