November 2019
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The Highest Attendance Rate Ever…..Hosted by Rtn Anita

The bbm already frantic with confirmations from almost all rotarians 2 days before the meeting.  Restaurant Bumbu Desa was chosen by Rtn Anita who hosted the meeting.  I guessed the restaurant has something to do with the highest confirmation …ever?

President Wiwien, unfortunately unable to come to the meeting, so IPP Sukadana step in to lead the Board Meeting. The board meeting was attended by IPP Sukadana, PE/Secretary Suzana, Treasurer Anita,  Rtn Fina, Rtn Cika, PP Sisca, PP Suryawan, Rtn Leo, RAC Agung, Rtn Eka, Rtn Enny, PDG Soerjo,

Rtn Dolly, PP Soesanto, Rtn Endah, Rtn Michael dan Ibu Nani including our guest of Honor PP Patrick and President  Robert from RC Bali Seminyak , guest from our Pondok Baca Pelangi dan Ibu Didik from Orphanage house in Buleleng. It was a full house. Few times we need to add more chairs and tables.

What a fantastic turn up and great meeting.

Presentation from Pondok Baca Pelangi shows us what have we done for the Pondok Baca, plus what can we do more to improve the Pondok Baca. All Rotarian agree that Pondok Baca Pelangi has done so much for the children in the community and with extra efforts, we can contribute more so that this Pondok Baca can extend their benefit to wider coverage.  By the way, this pondok Baca is a collaboration with yayasan OSEC founded by IPP Made Sukadana.

Few ideas from arranging reading competition, writing as well as getting some other party to be the guest for the children raised during the meeting. Rotarians and families are welcome to contribute  time and efforts .

The next was the idea raised by Rtn Cika to adopt Kumon teaching method for English for Bali Kids. Next week, Rtn Chika will present more about this teaching method.

The final presentation was from Ibu Didik from Buleleng. She single handedly started a shelter for street children  from broken homes. She showed us lots of picture how they live and what she has been doing for the children’s future.

Hmmm…this is definitely get us thinking, what we as Rotarian, can do to contribute to this unbelievably unselfish act from Ibu Didik. Maybe some of the Rotarian wants to sponsor directly or collectively or maybe our club can put this in the agenda…..what can we do to helpJ

The end of the meeting  was also the highlight of the day….PHF presentation. Congratulation to PHF+1 Rtn Chika dan Rtn Fina, PHF for Rtn Enny, Rtn Eka, Rtn Dolly dan Rtn Anita. What a fantastic meeting with attendace rate 70% and sunshine box of RP 375,000 .

Everybody, smiling, laughing, joking around………certainly one of the best meeting we have. I am so glad that we have guests witnessing the warmth of our  fellowship. Let them tell the world, that RC Denpasar is one of the best Club in Indonesia.

For your information, few emails had been received complimenting our meeting and how joyful and merrier the meeting was. Very welldone RC Bali Denpasar, and thank you for Rtn Anita for hosting the meeting.

Cheers everybody….till next weekend.

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