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Sweet Stories from PETS & DTTS


PETS and DTTS, Surabaya 19-20 Feb 2010
All President Elect (PE), Secretary Elect (SE), Incoming District Officers and some President Nominee (PN) were gathered in one of the ballroom of JW Marriot Hotel, Surabaya for the trainings and information.

From RC Bali Denpasar, PP Suryawan, IPP Sisca, SE Suzana arrived in Surabaya, nice and early. SE Suzana arrived soo early in the Ngurah Rai Airport..hardly anyone there. Lucky a small corner near Dunkin Donut was empy..bobog..bobog dulu ah:)

PE Wien scheduled to join us, had to cancel due to family reason. Anyway, another Three Musketeers were present to make ourselves ready for next challenge.

Overall the PETS and DTTS were presented very nice. The trainings were delivered in the best possible efforts from Surabaya Team. Two thumbs up for the fellowship night event. The food was “regular”, but the ambiance was so fantastic, the cha-cha group from RC Surabaya with the red costume dominated the whole dance floor.

The band for that night might as well pay us to “shush up”(ha..ha..ha), considering one after another Rotarian including SE RC Bali Denpasar (requested) contributed songs for the night.
In conclusion, being Rotarians we are not only excellent in doing good to others, BUT, we are also excellent in having fun:)

The last day of the trainings finished up by 2pm. Still enough time for us to get some souvenirs and do some damage to our cash and credit card. This time, Rotarian Wanda from RC Nusa Dua led the venture. First stop, was Pasar Karang Turi, where IPP Sisca and Rtn Wanda dis-appeared as soon as they saw all shops. PP Suryawan even bought a whole bunch of stickers for his daughter. What a nice gesture PP Suryawan.

Next stop, ITC. Well in this mall, SE Suzana had to buy an extra luggage to accommodate IPP Sisca and Rtn Wanda shopping (ha..ha..ha). Poor PP Suryawan, he was loaded with all bags up to his head. He choose to stay away from us and settling down in Pizza Hut.

Last stop was Pasar Genteng. The rain poured really heavily. But this did not deter PP Suryawan and Rtn Wanda to braced themselves and went through the rain to get to the destination shop. The result, two big boxes for each…

Time to go to the airport now…we met up with lots of other Rotarians from Bali, its time to go home. Lots of funny and memorable as well as educational experiences (contibuted by Suzana).