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Happy Puppy Karaoke is on the Menu

It was such a discussion to decide the meeting location for the regular meeting on the 29th of April 2010. The discussion was so hot, starting few days before the D-day, until decision reached (after black berry messengers and mailing list was exhausted), Happy Puppy Karaoke is the location for our “fellowship meeting”.

Rtn Eka was the first one who showed up to the venue ( I found out that she went to do her hair at the hair salon to make sure she is well presented for the meeting, very weldone Rotarian Eka). Rtn Fina showed up  around the same time Rtn Suzana and PP Sisca arrived. We went straight to inspect and book the karaoke room.

Well, there are three of us in the room, we hit the music list..Kopi dangdut was first chosen by Rtn Fina. Oh boy..don’t we want to ‘joget dangdut”….ha..ha..ha. Rtn Fina..very talented for this special ‘music”. Very impressive!

In the middle of “goyang dangdut” PP Andrianto showed up, followed by PP Suryawan and PP Susanto. One by one everybody showed up. Don’t we have some hidden talent in singing and dancing!!

PP Susanto showed some of his “masterpiece” with “My Way” as his show piece:) . Together with Rtn Suzana, few songs was delivered beautifully. PP Andrianto showed his “golden voice” with some of the “classic” oriental songs. Rtn Eka, Fina, Enny and Sisca took turn singing as well.

The only person, I should say, who kept quite and kept ordering food was PP Suryawan. Apparently, listening to us singing, increased his appetite. Ha..ha..ha

After two hour singing, eating, dancing dan fellowship, the regular meeting started. We cover some major issues such as mechanical cows, fund raising -funwalk event and  board meeting schedule. Very efficient and relax.

The fellowship in this afternoon was so fantastic. I was so excited and putting our photos on the facebook. Sure enough, we got so many positive comment, jealousy and praise for our “bold”move having a meeting in the Karaoke.

One special comment coming from Noel Allen (RC Swan Valley-Australia), he was so impressed that he would like to have the same meeting next time he is coming down to Bali:)

Great job everyone, and keep up the great fellowship and great work. (Suzana)

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